I wake into black darkness and still silence.

My breath sounds dense and my shifting body an earthquake.

I realise from my week here, despite the illusion of midnight, this, indeed, is a winter morning, before dawn.

(Besides, midnights are no longer time for darkness or its creature)

My sought after routine lies very close – but then so do my brother and his lover.

As I desperately seek for a whispered breath, my bladder makes its presence known. With every shift and turn, I sense a corresponding sigh from the bed across.

After an hour of wakefulness, a restless sleep claims me.

The light wakes me this time. Gentle light of a late dawn.

I hear an exasperated sigh when I use the restroom, a quick turn when the kitchen light in turned on and a hushed whisper of my name when the stove is lit.

I dutifully return to bed; my mouth fresh, my bladder free, my body energized, my mind alive and my thoughts troubled.


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