The Sandman gives the people the one thing that is denied to him.

I wonder, is he vicariously living through his ungrateful beneficiaries or simply gritting his teeth while plotting destruction?

The Genie spends eternity tricking those who seek (power/fame/immortality/money).

I wonder which one she chose to be tricked into becoming this.

And I, the Keeper of Secrets.

Break myself into pieces to perfect my art and my skill.

My trade and my tool. My life and my livelihood.

Vol. A births Vol.  B protects Vol. C betrays Vol.  D.

Volume Zero watches, unamused.

She proclaimed to reclaim her heart.

And set about to break the Containers that held all the secrets.

Dated. Coded. Classified.

Till an idiot walked in with killer smile and warm hug.

Oh well.

She always was a sucker for happy endings.



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