She coped,

not particularly well

nor healthy

but she survived. 


Fooling her family was easy;

cover the scars, hide her broken wings

and smile. even if it killed her. 


Fooling herself was harder. 

She read foolish words of wise men

She tried throwing him away

She tried locking him away

She pretended he never existed

She pretended he was still alive.

And she continued to bleed.


Somewhere along the road,

her silent wails subsised

and her private tears dried. 

But that didnt stop the darkness.


One day, she realised

with a surprisingly light heart,

that it never would. 

And she didn’t really mind that. 


A random object 

started a trail

that led her to him.

Miraculously, she smiled. 

For real.


He was like her,

he let her be

and it shut her family up.

She married him. 


He’s not in love with her

She’s not in love with him. 

It’s easy. It’s convinient. 

it’s their little inside joke. 


People never understood why ‘made of each other’ was the funniest joke to them. 

He’ll never understand how much her laughter meant to her then.


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