Midnight. Sitting in the terrace, I saw a parade.

First there was a ballerina – fluid and fast; too fast, I almost missed her. Then came a beautiful woman on her bed, graceful and sift, almost like Goya’s maja….. No, it isn’t a woman, not anymore. It was Santa. Head thrown back in laughter he looked like the man in the moon…but there was no mistaking the beard and the hat. He’s laughing at sometime…too blurry..can’t make out what it is…a bird? an eagle? But why is Santa laughing at an eagle? Unless..of course! It’s a man, oh! miserably failing to drag the Christmas tree. Santa’s gone!! Everything’s so vague now. Is it a break? Is it over?

No, it’s real, so pure, so beautiful and it’s here. No no, I’m there. So close. Never been so close. I should just reach my hand and I can feel…almost there……..

“Kaju! Get back inside, it’s very late”

And I’m back.


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